20 Years in 2020

May 2020 marks Hub’s 20th Birthday. An amazing milestone for a group of filmmakers who continue to stand the test of time.

  It’s no fluke.

Quality ideas and solutions have always driven TVC and Content Production. Make no mistake, managing consistent, high quality communication projects for 20 years doesn’t just happen. It’s hard, collaborative work that’s been appreciated by some of Australia’s leading brands.

Because of the success of the work, we’re continually rewarded with ongoing campaigns from the same clients. Over the years this has been true for Kmart, Red Rooster, Suzuki, Mazda and Hungry Jacks to name a few, all of which we’ve enjoyed multiple year relationships. In the end, these are the tangible markers that we use to acknowledge that we’re doing the right thing. Campaigns that work.

It’s simple. To last in this business and consistently produce award-winning TVC’s and Content you need to be good at what you do. You need to be easy to work with and love the creative process. We’re a group of people who get things done with individuality and polish.

To celebrate, let’s take a trip down memory lane. Here are a few of our TVCs that bounced around the zeitgeist of their respective times. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram as we showcase more throughout the year.

Hungry Jacks

Jailbreak. 2009

We enjoyed 4 years of ongoing work with the Hungry Jacks brand. In 2009 they came to us with this one. The brief: GO BIG. Simon Hoy steered the ship as a great idea was beautifully imagined, boarded and put to screen by Director Jody Dwyer and DOP Barry Malseed.


Punching Ponchos. 2008

A fun instalment of the well-remembered iSelect campaign of TVC’s featuring “Millie”. A genuinely funny performer and a flexible platform for scripted and non-scripted gags. The studio shoots were great fun.


Earthquake. 2011

We enjoyed a series of great concepts and scripts through 2009-2011 with Beaurepairs and agency, Traffic. It’s never easy to inject screen-novelty into a regular schedule of promotions that are essentially saying the same thing. “Great service, expert advice, the right price” etc… but Hub delivered.